Sunday, November 12, 2006

The DDS (Davao Durian Submission) Adventures

ACQUIESCE ac·qui·esce [ àkwee éss ] intransitive verb Definition: agree to something passively: to agree or comply with something in a passive or reserved way

My trip to Davao gave me a totally different experience from what a typical first-timer would bring back to his hometown. Hopefully that opening statement would make me less of a loser because i wasn't able to get my ass wet from their famous beaches.

From my limited 5-day (weekday!) assignment in one of the world's largest cities, I take with me top 5 reasons why I need to go back there.


I blame Davao for making me lose all the hardwork of my 1 month gym stint (hehehe). I have never tasted kilawin that is just sooo yummy! I also got a taste of some local delicacy that I swear tastes like foie gras (but way cheaper!) But through my multiple trips to Jack's Ridge and many sinful eat-all-you-can places around there, my experience with their national fruit takes the cake--- and waaay far from what an actual cake tastes like.

So I gagged (what's left of my gag reflex ) and hated it. It's creamy and it's gross. And I don't understand it. I don't understand THEM. Yuck. Ew.

But I am complete fool saying this in a city that just worships this unlikely favorite. To sum it all up, durian is a religion in Davao. Absolutely everyone in there loves this spikey wonder. They even have these little places (like bars and cafes) specifically put up just for people to eat it! And boy do they come in groups and numbers! Hay, thank god for marang and suha!

Here are some of my REAL favorites in Davao:

fave#1 Blugre Cafe. Unbelievable Carrot Cake. Awesome Menu.
fave#2 Chippens. 200 bucks buffet with hotel-like ambiance and taste. Love it!
fave#3 Cecil's. I was greeted by their ensaymada upon arrival and I brought a box home.


I have never been interested on any Philippine political icon aside from the late President Ramon Magsaysay. Until I heard about Rody Duterte, Davao's Mayor and hero. From accusations of being the head of DDS (Davao Death Squad) to real-life tales of him driving taxi cabs (to catch those bastards who wouldn't use their meters!) and making unannounce visits just about anywhere and everywhere, makes me an instant fan. For a city placed in between a land stigma with prejudice and misunderstandings and an ambitious rest of the country who can hardly hold itself together, I am absolutely delighted to know that modern heroes still exists and still make it work. Though I am yet to be lucky to have the chance of meeting him in person, I sincerely send him my big thank you for making my stay there with an aboslute peace of mind.

Some of the coolest things in Davao:
1. Taxi cabs use their meters (ALL THE TIME!)
2. No-Smoking City (sorry folks, I am a non-smoker)
3. Dial 911 (Help in 5 minutes -- for real!)


The coincidence that my trip crosses Ramadan is a blessing on its own. I have to admit that I am one of those silent bigots who should be ashamed of ignorance from knowing how things really are for most of our Mindanao fellowmen. My entire stay in Davao was with the company of moslems. And let me start by saying they are the simplest, kindest, sweetest people in the world. I was blessed to be assigned to work with a company owned by a moslem family. In my encounters I have gained increased social awareness (from the dad), learned not to be afraid of using my heart in managing business (from the mom), unparalleled hospitality and respectable sacrifice (from the eldest son) and strength of character to move on (from the daughter). And because I jeopardized their harmonious celebration by making everybody drunk on a Thursday night, the more I am indebted to their compassion to a wild city boy like me. hihihi =)


Though Davao is probably the most modern city in Mindanao, it still has so many untapped resources screaming of business opportunities. And because I know I cannot own (even if I can afford it) the first Starbucks franchise there, I have seven million business plans drawing in my head that is guaranteed to make me one of Davao's richest (Isn't that right, Pi?--- see! it's your fault! You're making me business oriented! hehehe)


Celebrate Kadayawan Festival. Stay at Pearl Farm or Marco Polo. Go to Samal Beach. See the Philippine Eagle (I only got to see the Ostrich!) Go to Crocodile Park. Climb Mount Apo (yeah, right.) Go White Water Rafting (more yeah, right!) Visit San Pedro Cathedral. Visit the Orchidarium. Try to eat durian again. Visit the Butterfly sanctuary and actually see butterflies! Go to all the places Tita Butch said I should go to or my Davao trip is nothing!

Thank you so much Pi for being the reason in making my Davao visit a reality! I Love You Pi!
(especially for making me go to Gaisano Mall and get original chucks for half the price! Yahoo!)


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