Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Cream 2006 Adventures

CREAM Pronunciation: 'krEm Function: noun Usage: often attributive Etymology: Middle English creime, creme, from Anglo-French creme, cresme, from Late Latin cramum, of Celtic origin; akin to Welsh cramen scab, crust1 :Definition 3 : the choicest part : BEST

My Most Awaited and Favorite Party of the Year!
Cream Ball 2006! World Trade Center, Manila

Top 7 Awesome Things About Cream 2006

1 Awesome Timing. Last Big Party for the Big Fish Big Man Dominic. A little sentimental call from the organizers. Inviting Thrillseekers and choosing WTC as the venue!

2 Awesome Ensemble. I initially planned to come in as some enchanted man in a hood. After a week-long tug-o-war with rental and fabric shops, I even got a better deal.

Excerpt from an actual conversation (loc: outside governmentg club makati ave)
Glenn: Oh My God!
Marv: What?!?
Glenn: You're Prince Charming!
Marv: (not yet convinced) Do I look Hot?
Glenn: SoObra! (noticed that I doubled the "o" to emphazise the rising of that vowel when it was actually said)

He got me on his facial expression. =)

Three huge gains in this costume-hunting experience: 1) I found out that CCP actually allows their costumes to be rented; 2) I found a tailor who specifically sews costumes; and 3) Camp Suki is actually a good setting of social soiree during Halloween (found some familiar clubber faces and old college classmates).

3 Awesome Company. Talk about old party bestfriends (Rikki and Abby), their boyfriends (Charles & Ferry), and Old Flame (Jason), Reliable Access (Louise), old etel buddies (Nenny, Marju, Carl) and thousands of beautiful strangers! Cream is the only event where you can do the bestest thing about halloween, wear a costume!

Survey Says:
Most Common Places where people are asked to pose for a photo
Entrance - 36
Bathroom - 30
Dancefloor - 28
Waiting Hall - 6

4 Awesome New Canon Camera serving its very purpose! Bridging the way to my ultimate goal of party memory documentation and an excellent icebreaker to meet new friends! I got shots of Wonder Woman, Captain America, Cleopatra, Green Lantern and the Google Girl!

Number of times asked to pose for a photo: too many times

Number of times asked someone to pose for a photo: way too many times

5 Awesome Hot New Friends. Rajiv Devnani who remembered me way back from God’s Kitchen(Better Safe Than Sorry!) taught me his secret handshake; Bestfriends Pinky & Margaret doing the perfect white fairy-she devil partnership telling me that I am so "IT", and topless "model" Adrian who yaks nothing about getting laid to a girl or something that sounded like that!

6 Awesome Stuff! (no further details needed here) *wink*

7 Awesome Detours. I'm not even gonna mention the fact that I ignored the notification that Justice League was actually in Malate (so there!) Government is the perfect after party place to shove the rest of the hits and sweats. In there I met up with my gorgeous friend Lei, who came from another costume party in Embassy, and still with Nenny, Marju, Pinky & Margaret together with their straight admirers all the way from cream! As always, we've hogged the cage like its ours! And not a freakin' care in the world! It was wild!

My dad picked me up infront of Gov past 9 am. I was gentleman enough to bring the girls home. And in a spur of a moment, decided to join Georgie and co in Ernest's place in Eastwood. That, trapped me till afternoon of the next day. Even if sober. Awesooommmee day.

Now, has anyone given me justifiable reason why did Pepe ever go to Singapore in a time like this???!!!


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