Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Adventure Begins (Again!)

BEGIN be·gin [ bi gín ] Definition: 1. transitive and intransitive verb start: to do something that was not being done before

I'll begin the new chapter of my life 11 months from when this unforgiving year had it's own. I'll begin with a plan.

My Plan:

1. Recount all the best adventures worth writing down.
2. Do more of these adventures.
3. Stop being emotional in real life, put it all here.
4. Separate Work from Life. The former is but a miniscule part of the latter.
5. Take no hostages.
6. Consider Buddhism.
7. Seize the Freakin Day (always remind yourself that Life is too damn short).
8. Get Rich-er.
9. You know you're intelligent and smart, know when to use which.
10. Love, because that's the single greatest thing in the world.
11. Don't be afraid to cry.
12. Make time. There's plenty of it.
13. Forgive. Even when no one's asking.
14. Remind yourself that you are your family's only hope.
15. Porn is a good substitute to all the disease-carrying hotties out there.
16. Consider getting a gilfriend. There is supreme logic why the rest of the world said that is the right thing to do.
17. Party Hard. Live Healthy.
18. Buy your dream SUV.
19. Build up those chest and all visible muscle groups.
20. Remember that you used to be a bitch(and way gorgeous) and then take it from there. (reading thru the list)... looks like a good one.

p.s. it's okay to delete your useless and embarrassing old entries. admit it. it sucks.


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