Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Plate is Full

The past month has been a lot kinder to me. Work was "easier". I've learned to accept in a different level. Trouble is, people often mistake "acknowledge" with "accept". What it means to know versus to go on.

I am typing on with a headache. Stressed from a new boss, old boss, and quasi-bosses. Not a lot of people know that eversince I got promoted to a senior management position, my life has been reduced to that of an ant's. I've been carrying loads every freaking blind day of life. Last week, and again today, I slap myself a reminder to go on.

The greatest advise I've ever received.

This is my plate. Its full.
And I'm gonna eat it all.
(photo: one of my meals in tokyo cafe MOA when we first ate there)