Friday, July 21, 2006

Wish up-ONSTAR: An Overachiever's Crusade to Maintain a High Standard

I read somewhere that pictures don't lie, and dreams do come true... I don't think that's really true.

I am that close to saying that I am a failure.

I was blessed with a good team. And I am about to bring all of them to my collapse. I think I finally outdid myself on this one. I think I overachieved.


I am sad about what happened to Eman. He is such a nice guy.

I am sad of what's happening to Tito. I know he just wants to make his mark.

I am sad of XT. For I know I can give him more solid direction.

I am sad of Fe. As I want her to maximize her potential.

I am sad of Joel. I want to help him fit in.


I kept on saying---- give me a place to stand and I will move the earth.

Archimedes would be ashamed.