Monday, July 17, 2006

return of the man of steel

"Superman called, he said stop pretending that you're his fan..."

I heard some pretty nasty reviews. So I figured I will take my time.

Two weeks after the world premier, I was in line at Gateway Cinema 1 to watch Superman Returns.

He can be pretty grouchy, yknow.

Well, I wasn't too excited about the actors playing it. I thought it would be a bad formula. But it made sense after all. Rather than seeing the balding Nicolas Cage (who was rumored to play the title role years ago) eat up the character, let the character eat up the actor. When I looked at the screen, I didn't see Brandon Routh or whoever. I saw Superman. Exactly who I wanted to see.

Kate Bosworth wasn't bat at all. So was Kevin Spacey, Parker Posey, and the rest of the cast. Well, the Perry White Character was weird. He seemed stoned and lost, but other than that, it was a good cast. And for a character driven movie, that is super important. But I didn't really care. As with the sound, the twists, the faithfulness of the story to the comic versions, the visual effects, and the absence of a theme song---- unimportant. My personal attempt to delay watching it didn't seem to matter too. My debate of watching it in Gateway or in Mall of Asia was forgotten. I came there to see my idol, my one and only unselfish ideal icon. And despite expectations carved in concrete and shattered, I went home completely satisfied.

People just don't get the connection. I do.


I am so happy he's back.


And is it just me or isn't it totally weird that Lois Lane was engaged to Cyclops?