Monday, August 08, 2005


I have my new checking account. A booklet of cheques all ready to be post dated. For 40 months, half of my salary will be dedicated for my future home. By 2008, my new address will be Unit 9-L Two Adriatico Place, Malate, Manila. Sounds so posh.

I have moved and planned to keep on moving. I just need to submit a couple of my photos to BPI to update my bank account. Over the weekend, I had a session with a new dermatologist. Later after lunch, I'll be undergoing my very first gym program.
As far as my to-do list is concern, I just need to secure my TIN ID from Pasig City Hall (needed for the condo purchase) and I'm ready to plan ahead!

Though I had quite a frenzy with my new boss last week with two accounts of tardiness, I plan to re group and be on top of things, as usual. I know that won't be too hard. I just have to make sure that I'll regulate my stress level to acceptable as to not trigger my asthma.

I am both excited and semi-impatient, but nevertheless excited for 2008! I can't wait!